What to Do With a Vacant Property You Don’t Want

Benefits of Selling a Home While It’s Vacant

When a house is on the market, the property owner must make many accommodations to gain attention from potential buyers. For the best and fastest results, a home should be free of residents, pets, and most personal belongings. When a home is vacant, it’s easier to make these changes quickly without inconveniencing the homeowner too much. Selling a home while it is vacant has many advantages that should be considered.

Convenience for Showings

With a vacant home, it’s easier for the owners and their real estate agent to capture the attention of buyers and schedule frequent showings without inconveniencing anyone. Available properties that can be shown at any time, especially last minute, are ideal for real estate agents to work with. Not surprisingly, empty properties often sell quickly.

Less Stress to Keep a Vacant Home Clean

It can be stressful to show a home to potential buyers if you are still living or storing personal property there. Ensuring the home is spotless when potential buyers schedule a showing can be a never-ending task. With a vacant house, minimal follow-up cleaning is necessary. After you complete a big, whole-home cleaning, you won’t have to worry about yourself or housemates dirtying up the place again.

Envisioning the New Purpose of a Vacant Home

Seeing properties when they are vacant can make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves residing there. Sure, personal property can give some perspective and ideas during showings. However, too much decoration can also make it difficult for buyers to imagine that space as their own.

Less Interaction With Buyers

Sellers may have many reasons for preferring not to interact with potential buyers. Differences in opinions on property value, use for unsold condos, and vacant land zoning can create conflict between owners and buyers. As a result, it may be best to keep contact between these two parties as minimal as possible. This is much easier when the owner is not living at the for-sale property.

Selling a Vacant Home Remotely

Certain types of property, such as a vacation home, may require remote marketing and sale efforts. In these cases, real estate agents reap all the aforementioned benefits of showing a vacant home. Typically, unsold condominiums, apartments, and geo-specific homes are the source of vacant sales.

Something to consider when selling a vacant home is the vacancy clause that may be included in pre-existing homeowner insurance policies. If a property is vacant or unoccupied, the owner must get specialty vacant property insurance. Vacant home insurance scenarios could end in a lack of coverage in the worst situation. Therefore, it is in your best interest to secure vacant home coverage as soon as possible.

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