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  • Any Condition
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Need To Sell Your House Fast?

  • We Pay Cash
  • No Fees or Commissions
  • Close Fast or When You Want
  • No Repairs

Need to sell your house fast in San Antonio? We buy houses in 30 days or less, in cash. Get an offer in 24 hours.

Cash Home Buyer

I’m Nick, owner of Sell My San Antonio House, and I am a local real estate investor. If you need to sell your house fast in San Antonio, TX, we can help.

Selling a house doesn’t have to be hard! We can make the process simple and easy, without all the hassles and headaches.

We buy houses in San Antonio, TX for cash and we have the resources and expertise to get the deal done as quickly and easily as possible.

No RepairsNo InspectionsYou Don’t Even Have To Sweep The Floor!

We Buy Houses For All Kinds of Reasons

  • Sell Inherited Houses
  • Sell Because of Divorce
  • Sell to Stop Foreclosure
  • Older and Need to Move
  • Behind on Taxes
  • Sell Rental Property
  • Need to Move
  • Fire Damage
  • Any Other Reason!
Home Investors

Cash home buyers in San Antonio who treat you with Respect

There are a lot of companies who say they buy homes quickly in San Antonio, so what makes us any different?

  1. We will treat you with Compassion and Respect – No Matter the Situation
  2. Clear and Transparent Offers – We Are Happy to Explain Anything to you
  3. We Are The End Buyer – We Are Not Trying to Sell Your House to Someone Else
  4. Over 10 Years Experience – We Have Helped Hundreds of People
  5. No Pressure – We Want to Help, But When You Are Ready

Advantages of selling to us.

We buy houses in San Antonio and have for a long time, and one of the advantages of selling your home to us is that you won’t have to pay a realtor and other closing fees. In fact there are no fees or commissions to pay at all. Also, we offer a guaranteed closing – whereas with a real estate agent, the sale could fall through last minute.

You also won’t have to make any repairs or pay anything out of pocket. We can guarantee a fast closing, paid in cash, and we’ll buy your house as is so there’s nothing you need to move out, fix, or add to it in order to sell.

We pay cash for homes in San Antonio and buy as is. You don’t have to list your house on the market, and we’ll even handle all the closing costs and paperwork for you. We let you pick the closing date – so we can buy your home in as fast as 7 days, or as long as you’d like to wait.

Whether you’re trying to avoid foreclosure or inherited a property in San Antonio that you want to get rid of, or whether you want to sell a rental property that you don’t want the hassle of managing, we can help.

If you’ve been thinking I need to sell my house fast in San Antonio, then contact us today! When you want to sell your San Antonio house… we’re ready to give you a fair all-cash offer.

Cash purchase san antonio

We’ll help you sell your house fast in San Antonio, from Vance Jackson to Harlandale.

We buy houses throughout San Antonio, in the following neighborhoods:

  • Mission San Jose
  • Far West Side
  • Northwest Side
  • Uptown
  • South San Antonio
  • And more!

How to sell your home fast, for cash, in San Antonio:

In order to sell your home fast for cash in San Antonio:

  1. Find a real estate investor (cash home buyer) and request an offer.
  2. Schedule a meeting with them to inspect your home.
  3. If it’s a good fit, they’ll make a cash offer.
  4. Take the offer, and they’ll handle closing costs and paperwork.

When you’re looking for companies who buy homes in cash, you want to make sure they’re ethical and upstanding. Here are a few signs of a good investor:

  • No fees (at all)
  • They should handle the closing costs
  • They should be able to show you where they’re getting their offer number from and be transparent with their pricing
  • They should have good reviews and testimonials
  • They should answer all your questions, make you feel comfortable, and not be pushy – but give you space and time to make your decision

If you’d like to know more about how selling to us works, just click here to learn more.

We buy houses in San Antonio in cash, no matter the condition.

No matter what situation you’re in, we can help:

  • Avoiding foreclosure.
  • Getting rid of a bad rental property where tenants won’t leave or pay.
  • Getting cash for an inherited property you don’t want or need.
  • Selling fast for a quick job relocation.
  • Or any other situation!

If you’re looking for cash home buyers in San Antonio we’d love to come take a look at your home and make you an offer in 24 hours!

We Buy Houses in San Antonio – Whatever your reason to sell

For many people, their home is their biggest asset. For others, it’s their biggest debt,  or their biggest frustration, liability, or headache.

When you are ready to sell your home, a rental property, or an inherited house – any number of changes in circumstances can prompt you to sell it. Perhaps you need the cash because of some other shortfall, or perhaps you simply want to retire and move away, or maybe the house is just sitting there vacant. Regardless of the reason, selling your home should be a fast and easy process, but if you want to sell a house fast in the “traditional” manner, you should prepare to be disappointed.

That’s because selling a house for cash quickly is not something that happens that often for a lot of reasons. First, most buyers will need financing, and many will need to sell their existing homes before they can even make a legitimate offer on yours. Secondly, realtors work in a certain way such that they want to maximize the sale price every time. Yes, that’s technically working in your best interests, but not if you need to sell your house quickly or you want to sell your house as-is. In fact, it’s customary for this process to take months from start to finish.

Some people don’t have months, and instead, need to sell their house fast for whatever reason. Given the number of homes for sale in San Antonio at any given time, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest.

Fortunately, there are ways around all of that if you’re wondering how you can sell your house quickly. One such way is by working with Sell My San Antonio House. We buy houses in San Antonio, we pay cash, and we get the deals we complete done quickly so that the existing homeowners can move on to the next phase of their lives.

Our process is fair, transparent, and efficient, and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of red tape, paying out the commissions to the realtors involved, or worrying about contingencies, financing, or anything else. If you contact us because you’d like to sell your house fast, we will come to see you, we will look at your house, we will make a fair offer and if you accept, we’ll get everything done within a matter of days.

You won’t even have to worry about sinking empty money into the cosmetic aspect of your home to show it to us – we’re not concerned with the surface-level aspects of it. The bottom line is that if you want to sell your home quickly, we buy houses in San Antonio both quickly and for cash. See below for more information.

Selling to us vs a San Antonio Realtor.

You may be wondering whether it’s better for you to sell your house with a realtor, or to cash home buyers like us. The first thing to consider is that with us, you don’t have to make repairs, and we’ll buy your house totally as is.

The other thing is that when you see a price on Zillow or get an appraisal on your home, it could be the case that those numbers are all over the place and that none of the places that are giving those numbers will actually buy your house.

It’s true that you can often get a higher price for your home if you go through a real estate agent, but that higher price comes at a cost. With an agent you’ll have to make all repairs that the homeowner wants in order to sell, and the actual worth of your home depends on the condition of your home, what other comparable homes in your area are selling for, and the current housing market in San Antonio.

You may be better off selling your home to an investor if:

  • You need cash quickly, or need to sell fast.
  • You don’t want the hassle or cost of repairing, showing, and upkeeping your home.
  • You want a convenient, fast sale.

You may be better off selling with a San Antonio realtor if:

  • You want the maximum amount for your home (at least, usually this offers the best price).
  • You can wait 3-9 months for your home to sell.
  • You have the money to keep paying mortgage, taxes, and utilities.

With us, you know that your home is as good as sold. You won’t be listing it just hoping that someone will buy it, it’s a done deal. You also won’t have inspectors coming to your home, or having to make the suggested repairs. You can also pick the closing date that works for you.

So if you don’t want the cost or hassle of fixing and listing your home, we might be a good option for you.

Other areas we pay cash for homes in.

Besides San Antonio, we buy cash homes in these other areas throughout Texas.


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