Are You Estimating Foundation Repairs

Speaker 1: Let's talk about estimating foundation repairs. Estimating foundation repairs is difficult to do without a lot of experience. And having a lot of houses done and bids, and then you can get fairly good at it. Okay? This property right here has a lot of movement in it. Anybody could feel the movement…

What Paperwork do You Need to Sell a House in San Antonio?

Paperwork is among the top challenges of selling a home, especially for those who have less experience in selling property or are unaware of the potential legal and financial issues that can arise from a misstep. But, all experienced sellers will tell you, it is well worth the effort to understand the paperwork you will … Continued

Major House Problems To Fix

Speaker 1: Lots of times, if you fix the major things wrong with the house, then you give yourself a lot of options. A, how do you want to sell it? And then, B, how far do you want to take the project? That's more true with our business model, because we sell a lot…

Increase Curb Appeal To Sell Your San Antonio House

Speaker 1: Let's talk about the curb appeal real fast. This house is a good example. It's on a busy street, but even when you come up and look at it, got this, it's a great tree, but you can't see the house because of the tree. So if we just take some of these…

What You Should Know About Cash for Houses Companies in San Antonio

If you’re a homeowner in San Antonio and need to sell your house quickly, you may have come across “cash for houses” companies. These companies offer to buy your house for cash and promise a quick, hassle-free sale. But how does their process work and how can they help homeowners? In this article, we’ll explore … Continued

What Do Your Buyers Want In A Home?

Speaker 1: If you can think about what your end buyer wants as you're making a plan, you're going to come out with a much better project, and this is a great example of what we're going to do here. It's a pretty solid house, three bedroom, two bath, but this bedroom, it's a ten…

How to Sell Your San Antonio House Without Spending Any Money

The typical process when you put your home on the market for sale is to prep and make repairs to attract buyers, expending a great deal of time, money, and energy before you ever list. In addition, sellers face the inconvenience of showings, paying high real estate commissions, professional fees, holding costs, and closing costs.  … Continued

How to Sell Your Remote Land in Texas

Do you own remote land in Texas? While keeping land in your portfolio can be a smart move if it’s not generating any income or you no longer have a use for the property, the decision to sell it may be in your best interest. Many people simply become tired of paying taxes and other … Continued

Winterization Tips For Investment Property

Speaker 1: Temperatures about to drop a lot here in San Antonio. So we need to winterize these properties. All the properties we got that are vacant that we just bought, that we're working on. Or if you got a rental and it's a vacant rental, first thing we do, there's definitely other options, but…
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