How To Choose A Cash Home Buyer

How To Choose A Cash Home Buyer

Today we are talking about “How To Choose A Cash Buyer” when you are selling your house for cash. Not all cash buyers are made the same, and it’s important that you make the right decision for yourself.

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How To Choose A Cash Home Buyer
Video Transcription

Nick: Hey, it’s Nick. So, how are we gonna choose which cash home buyer in San Antonio you want to go with? So, you’ve got a property, you need to sell that property. You’re like, “Man, I wanna sell this thing for cash, get this deal done, and move on.” But how do I know which guy to pick? I found all these websites, or maybe I got all these letters, or people knocking on my door, somebody called me, whatever the situation is. How do I know which one’s good, which one’s bad?

A couple of things, and number one that I always, always tell people, is to go with your gut. You’re a smart person, you have a good feel for people. If something doesn’t feel right it’s probably not right. A lot of people are gonna come out and say, “We pay cash, we pay cash.” But a lot of them can’t pay cash and don’t pay cash. They wouldn’t be able to do it if they had to. So, you’re talking to this person, you invite them out and you show them the property. Everything’s going pretty good, but you’re like, “Hey, when can we close?” And they don’t know when they’re gonna close. Or ask them what title company they use, and they don’t know what title company they use. If they don’t know the title company, people that buy a lot of houses tend to use the same people over and over. That’s what will help close the process quickly. Or if they can’t explain the process to you, “Hey, how’s this gonna work?”, and there are big holes in their story, they probably don’t buy a lot of houses, they probably haven’t been through the process a whole lot.

There are quite a few people, they’re not necessarily bad people, they’re gonna come out there and say, “Hey, we pay cash for houses.” Well, they don’t exactly pay cash for houses. They’re probably gonna try to assign that contract to a true cash buyer, somebody that does have the money. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that unless they can’t find that person. If they’re not that person, they won’t be able to put up the money when it comes time to close on the property. They’ll have to find somebody else who can actually bring in the money, and then they’ll sell them the contract.

So, go with your gut, ask a few questions. What’s the process gonna look like? Are they able to explain A, B, C, and D, exactly what’s going to happen? Do they need information from you? What title company do they usually close at? Can they name something like that?

The other part, if they look like they don’t have two sticks to rub together, they probably can’t give you a bunch of money for your house. So, think about it. How do I feel? Do I feel like this person can pay for it? Okay, they can. Do they seem like they know what they’re talking about? Great. A lot of people are gonna say ‘we buy houses’, you want somebody who’s going to do what they say they’re going do because you might be in a situation where you need this to happen, and you need it to be guaranteed, and that’s why you call a cash buyer. So, just make sure you get the real deal, ask a few questions and trust your gut. You’re probably right if something feels weird.

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