How Much Is Hesitating To Sell Your San Antonio House Really Costing You?


Hesitating to sell your house in San Antonio can end up costing you a lot of money! Learn how much in our latest post!

Many more people than you imagine, day by day, doubt after doubt, do not realize how much their home is costing them. These costs are even more brutal if you don’t like the house you live in or the investment property you own. Spending thousands on a house each month that isn’t right for you simply doesn’t make sense. The costs range from obvious repairs to more intangible expenses like insurance payments, ending with the weight that can have on your health and mood. Keep reading to explore just a few of the costs you are stuck with by hesitating to sell your house in San Antonio!

Your Mortgage

The first expense to consider is probably too obvious, and therefore often overlooked. But did you know that the average mortgage in the United States costs homeowners $1,050 dollars each month? Over the months and years, this adds up to thousands of dollars that you’re spending out of your pocket just to continue with the purchase of a house that you may not truly be happy with. So, when it comes to considerations, why continue throwing your money at an unwanted property when you could be using it for something you truly love?

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Costs

Homeowners insurance is probably one of the most necessary expenses when buying a property. It’s well known that one can take the risk of not getting it, but this can have serious implications in the future, and saving money in the present can turn out to be very expensive in the future.

Now, depending on your property and where you live, your insurance rate can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per year. Each month of insurance that you pay for a house that you don’t really want is simply money that you will never get back. When you add this to all the other costs you face as a homeowner, you may be surprised at how high your monthly bills really are.

Property Taxes

As a homeowner, you are responsible for property taxes on the house up until the day of closing. Keep in mind that property taxes vary widely by state, but if you break it all down, you could be looking at paying a few hundred dollars each month. Also, remember that property taxes are not solely on real estate; you may also face city taxes, county taxes, and if applicable, school district taxes or water and sewer service taxes based on your location. With a direct sale to Sell My San Antonio House, your tax obligation could end in a few days instead of months down the road.

If you find yourself in a situation where the property is behind on taxes, the tax burden can quickly accumulate, and you will also be charged interest on overdue tax payments.

Maintenance and Repairs


You may not realize what all those trips to Home Depot are costing you each month. Routine repairs, cleaning costs, and landscaping needs can all add up fast. The cost of repairs and regular maintenance is surprising to many homeowners, especially when they total everything up, seeing their costs in black and white. You might be very surprised to see how much you are really spending to own your house in San Antonio.

Utility Bills & Other Fees

Whether you’re living in the house or not, you’ll still face utility costs every month, which can be especially burdensome when you’re not residing in the property yet must cover all expenses. Electricity, water, gas—all will need to remain on until the property is sold. This could mean doubling your utility bills if you’re living elsewhere. Doubling the monthly bills can add a lot of financial stress to a family. In addition to utilities, many homeowners have to pay homeowner association (HOA) fees or property management costs.

Opportunity Loss

What are you missing out on by holding onto your unwanted property? You could miss the opportunity to have your dream home or a more lucrative investment. Making such a big decision to sell can be painful, even if it’s to pursue the situation you truly want to be in. However, we believe that understanding the costs that this indecision is costing you can help make the decision-making process easier. If you decide to list your house in San Antonio, the process can take months. Working with a real estate agent doesn’t guarantee a closing date. Even if your neighbor’s house sold quickly, yours could be on the market for months.

Frustration, Stress, and Anger

Stop The Stress!

¿Cuál es el punto de dejar que una casa frustrante te estrese? A veces nos encontramos en situaciones difíciles simplemente porque nos hemos acostumbrado a ellas. Tal vez el techo siempre gotea o la casa no se mantiene caliente en el invierno. La verdad es que ya no tienes que lidiar con eso.

Con una venta directa a Sell My San Antonio House, podrás poner fin a todas tus preocupaciones y frustraciones relacionadas con la propiedad. Podrás vender tu casa por un excelente precio sin importar en qué condición se encuentre. Podrás acabar de inmediato con el estrés, la frustración y el enojo para poder seguir adelante rápidamente.

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