Can You Sell A House With Mold In San Antonio?

How to Sell A House With Mold | Sell My San Antonio House
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Do you want to sell your house, but you know that you have mold? Okay. Can you still sell the house? Well, yes. All right. Mold has been around for millions of years, and it’s going to continue to be around. What’s the problem with having mold in the house? Well, mold, depending on the extent of the mold, can cause damage to the property and also can cause a ton of health issues that we’ve all heard about.

So what do you got to do? First thing, you need to disclose if you have a mold issue. One, it’s the right thing to do, and two, it helps protect you. You don’t want to hide a mold issue, somebody buys the house, and there’s a problem with the house down the road, or even worse, somebody gets sick down the road, and now they’re coming back looking for you, wanting to know why you didn’t tell them if you knew about this mold problem.

So once you’ve disclosed it, then what can you do? There are a lot of mold remediation companies out there. You just need to find a good one that’s been around for many years, licensed, bonded, insured. They’ll come in, they’ll test for the mold. They’ll find out where your problem’s at, and then they start the process of mold remediation. They can go in. It’s going to take some time. They’ll remove all the bad stuff. We get everything back the way that it should be and remove that mold problem. Yes, it’s not generally cheap. I’ve seen them $700, $800 to $6,000, $7,000, but it is an option and it will take care of the problem. And then you can move forward after any repairs to then sell the property.

The other option is sell it to an investor. An experienced investor has bought houses with mold, and they’re not going to be scared off by the fact that you have it. Definitely disclose it, because they’re an investor. They know the mold’s there. They’re going to see the mold anyway. You might as well tell them just to help protect yourself. When you’re selling you to an investor, they don’t have to go through all the inspections and get the appraisals, and they’re used to dealing with these types of situations. The advantage there is it can help you get it done much faster. And what it does is it saves you the out-of-pocket expense, so you’re not having to do the mold remediation. You’re not having to go through the testing process, then finish the repairs, and then list the property for sale.

Both ways work. So you can definitely sell a house with mold in it. Make sure you disclose it and then make sure you either fix the problem the right way or find somebody who’s more than happy to buy the property with the mold in it. I hope this helps. If you like the information, do us a favor, like and subscribe right there, and we’ll see you next time.
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