Sell A House With Mold


Do you want to sell your house, but you know that you have mold…Wondering what you should do? You need to understand what you are dealing with, what your options are, and what the risks and rewards are with each option.

Buyers have become increasingly aware of the hazards of mold so selling a house with mold can be difficult. Mold can be hazardous and scare buyers away, so it’s not something that you want to cover up or just pretend isn’t there. There are several solutions to tackle the problem head-on in order to sell your house with mold.

Why Do I Have Mold In My House?

Mold has been on the earth for millions of years and anywhere there is moisture there is potential to have mold. So, any house could potentially have mold.

The problem for homeowners is when mold starts to spread. Molds thrive in place that are damp, warm, and humid. This is the reason we often see mold in the bathroom or in areas where there was previous water damage. If you notice dark spots on the walls of a room that has been damp and doesn’t have great venilation, you are probably looking at the beginning of a mold problem.

If your home seems to have mold, you need to figure out why. Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and areas with poor ventilation are some of the first things to look for. Older homes can also be prone to mold because of the construction materials used during that time.

Mold Damage Causes Health And House Damage

Mold can pose a significant risk to the people living in the home as well as causing damage to the home’s structure and cosmetics. There are many different types of mold and different molds can affect your home differently.

Toxic molds can damage your lungs and lead to overall poor health. People who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases are often most affected by toxic mold. Anyone can be impacted by mold but infants and the elderly are considered to be at the highest risk.

Other types of mold can cause wood rot therefore impacting the structure of the home. Mold can also damage carpet, walls, paint, and siding.

Can I Sell A House With Mold

Yes, you can sell a house with mold, but you should look at your options and decide which route is best for you. One thing that you need to do is make sure that you disclose the fact that you have mold in your house. If you don’t disclose the mold, when the new owner finds out about it (and they will…), they are not going to be ok with it. They will demand mold remediation.

Not disclosing mold can open you up to future litgation and lawsuits. In order to sell your house and avoid any problems in the future is through disclosing the mold issue. After that you can choose to remediate and repair the mold damage or choose to lower the price and sell to someone who is willing to purchase the property with the existing mold problem, such as a local investor.

Mold Remediation Before Selling A House


You want to start with doing a through inspection of your house for any mold and try to identify what is causing the mold problem. The last thing you would want to do is remediate and remove all the mold only to have it come back because you have not repaired the underlying issue.

Start by looking in any areas that may have any water or high humidity. You can often spell mold as well, if you notice a musty mildew smell in an area make sure you check there as well. If you do not feel comfortable inspecting the house yourself, you can hire a mold inspection company to come and inspect the home.

After you have addressed the issue that is causing your mold problem, now you can begin to remediat the mold. There are many companies that specialize in mold remediation. They will follow a strict process to contain, clean, and then correct the mold issue. Mold remiation costs can vary greatly depending on the severity of the issue. The average cost can range between $800-$7,000 depending on how long the mold has been an issue and the location of the mold problem in the house.

This is not an issue that you can simply wipe down with some bleach and move on. After you have to mold professionally remediated, you need to make sure you document everything that has been done and pass that along with all warranties and certifications to the buyer of your home.

Sell Your House With Mold – To An Investor

If you want to sell a house with mold, but you don’t want the cost or headache of remediation? You have the option of selling the house just like it is to a local real estate investor. An experienced investor will be comfortable buying houses with mold and any other issues that the home may have. This option will allow you to sell the home faster with less out of pocket costs.

You will still want to disclose in writing that you are selling your house with mold and that the investor accepts the property AS-IS. It is reasonable to anticipate that you will need to lower your asking price since the buyer is now agreeing to take on the cleanup, repair, and liability of the mold issue.

In Conclusion

Yes, you can sell a house with mold! But you want to make sure that you address the issue head-on and don’t try to find a cheap way out or just cover it up. Make sure you document and disclose everything so that you can best protect yourself in selling the home. When trying to choose the best option for you, take time to consider your comfort level with the costs, repairs, and liability associated with the process and then make the best decision for you.

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