Are You Estimating Foundation Repairs

Should You Estimate Foundation Repairs?
Estimating Foundation Repairs.

Estimating foundation repairs is difficult to do without a lot of experience. And having a lot of houses done and bids, and then you can get fairly good at it. Okay? This property right here has a lot of movement in it. Anybody could feel the movement in this property. It goes up and it comes down. Over on that side, it goes down a whole bunch more. You can feel it walking through the floor how this thing drops off. If you’re just starting out, you should not try to guess. Find a reputable company, get some referrals, get them to come do the bid so you know how much it’s going to cost. But what a lot of times is not on there is the plumbing expense. On a house like this, or even if you get the bid and it comes back and they’ve got to move the house 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches, a couple of things that I would look out for.

One, if they’re moving it over four inches, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get a plumbing break somewhere. But if they’re moving it around the kitchen, near the bathrooms, by a laundry room, because that’s where those sewer lines are all going to go out. If they’re moving there or they’re moving very much there, you have an even greater chance that you’re going to have a break in that plumbing. That plumbing is much more expensive to fix than just a regular standard plumbing leak that they’re going to come in and fix. So you want to factor those numbers in there and probably be a little bit on the high side, because that’s a place where you can really get hurt. And if you get one, especially with an older pipe comes in and you get some breaks, sometimes they can’t repair it and they end up just chasing it, chasing it, and you have to do all of the plumbing under the house, which is incredibly expensive.

So, estimating a foundation repair, you can get pretty good at it. If you get a foundation bid and you feel pretty comfortable in there, look at it. They’re going to draw it out and they’re going to show you, oh, it’s up three inches, down three inches, up two, down one, up four. And you see where the bathroom is, the kitchen, laundry room, anywhere the water’s going out, are we moving it a lot there? There’s a good chance that the plumbing’s going to break. You need to factor those costs in there because you can really get hurt if you don’t plan for it ahead of time.

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Major repairs such as foundation repairs can be very expensive and you should seek advice from someone with a lot of experience in that area. You should check the references of anyone that you work with and make sure that you understand the risk and rewards associated with any type of repair.
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