Major House Problems To Fix

Fix The Major Things Wrong with Your House - Sell My San Antonio House
Fix The Major Problems
Lots of times, if you fix the major things wrong with the house, then you give yourself a lot of options. A, how do you want to sell it? And then, B, how far do you want to take the project? That’s more true with our business model because we sell a lot of our houses owner finance, so we get a lot of requests for a specific type of product, not just specific bedrooms, bathrooms, not just specific locations. But we get a lot of requests for a fixer-upper, but we don’t want to sell a family a fixer-upper if it’s too much of a fixer-upper. You take a look at this house from the outside. It’s not a bad-looking house. It’s in a great neighborhood, and it’s not that far from having some really great curb appeal. It absolutely needs a new roof. You come inside, the foundation’s off. You can see the foundation’s off more once you go inside the house. You see you got a little sway.

You see where the floor is pulled apart in here. But if we take this house, yes, it does need a fair amount of work, but if you fix the major things wrong with this house, being the foundation, put a new roof on this house, it needs new electrical. So we’re going to change out all the electrical. But you fix some of those major things that are wrong with this property, and especially with our business model, we’ll have people, “Hey, we’d like to buy the house cheaper.” And they would rather come in and fix the paint, shine up the floors a little bit, do some of those cosmetic things, put their own spin on it. We give ourselves some options. You also, if you fix the major things wrong with the house, or the most expensive house repairs, even if you’re not in our specific business model, there are a lot more people who would want to take on that project, if you don’t want to take it all the way.

Give Yourself Options
So you give yourself a lot more options on who you can sell it to. And then, of course, how far do you want to take it? Do you want to do a complete remodel? We do it all the time, but maybe you can already have it sold and maybe you at least want to have the option. So start with the majors. Take your plan in stages. Fix the things that you would not want to hand the household to somebody. The foundation, a roof, maybe a major HVAC, major electrical, major plumbing, things like that. And then, you can give them the option to put whatever spin on it, if they want. So start with that plan. Finish it out. When you take the major problems off the table, you have many more options and a lot better chance to sell your house. If we can do anything to help you, give us a shout. (210) 201-6644, or on the website,
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