Winterization Tips For Investment Property

Quick Winterization Tips For Your Rehabs
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Temperatures are about to drop a lot here in San Antonio. So we need to winterize these properties. All the properties we got that are vacant that we just bought, that we’re working on. Or if you got a rental and it’s a vacant rental, the first thing we do, there are definitely other options, but this is how we’re going to do it.

We’ll shut off the water here at the main. So if we shut the water, then we’re shutting off the water to the house, which is going to cause a lot of our issues. And we’ll come wrap all these pipes, especially the ones on the outside where they’re exposed more to the weather. They make certain caps you can buy if your spigots are in there close. But with all these pipes that are in here, you can’t just put a cap on it. So wrapping it, we’ll buy the insulation and we’ll tape it up.

And if we can keep them protected a little bit, especially with the cold and when the wind’s hitting them on the outside, we got a real good chance. And we’ll go ahead since we shut off the water, we’re going to open up the faucets and we’re going to open up these so that we can drain all the water out because there’s no water in the pipes. The water can’t freeze because it’s not in the pipes.

We also have our guy come over and find a water heater. All the water that’s in the water heater, we’ll drain it out to the backyard. So now if we take all the water out of the house, out of the pipes, out of the water heater, and we’ll go around the house, look for any other exposed pipes or anything that isn’t going to be a little bit protected, we’ll leave the furnace on 60, 65, something like that just so the house doesn’t get too cold.

And then we’ll open up these cabinets right here so that any pipe that’s in here is getting some heat. It’s not being shut off. If you do those steps or you have somebody do them, you’re protecting your property, giving yourself a lot better chance of not having a pipe burst.

For any rental property, it’s better just to take these steps. If you have multiple properties that you’re working on, nobody’s going to take a look at them or be checking on them when the whole freeze comes into the city. Or if you’re out of town, so you need to make sure you call your property manager or whoever’s looking out for that property to make sure that they run the pipes.

Make sure that we leave these faucets on there dripping, help get all the water out of there, and that way you protect your property, and winterize it. Make sure to get out in front much better than having a pipe burst and then having to come back and fix that later.

Hope this helps. If we can do anything for you, give us a shout, (210) 201-6644, or find us on the website,
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