What Do Your Buyers Want In A Home?

Think About What Your Buyer Wants!
Think About The End Buyer
If you can think about what your end buyer wants as you’re making a plan, you’re going to come out with a much better project, and this is a great example of what we’re going to do here. It’s a pretty solid house, three bedrooms, two baths, but this bedroom, it’s a ten by nine, which is a smaller bedroom. Nobody’s saying, “Hey, I’d like a smaller bedroom”, but there are some things they would like. They would like a little bit bigger bedroom, and a lot of people would like the option of a home office. So how can we design this house to fit the needs of more of our home buyers?

More Bedrooms Is Better
As we look at what spaces we have and think about what people want or what are they asking for, it’s not the formal sitting room that we have here. We don’t get a lot of requests for that. So we’re going to turn this into the bedroom and that smaller bedroom here, we’re going to turn that one into an office.

So we still got the three bedrooms but now we also have an office. So if they wanted to use it as a bedroom, then they could. But if we put that glass french door here, because we’re going to close this up a little bit, put a bedroom door here, we don’t want to feel too tight. And also that glass door will make it feel a little more open, plus it’s a more modern look. As you walk into the house, people say, “Hey, here’s the office right here.” Or if I needed to change it into a bedroom, it would not be very difficult for the home buyer.

The other thing that we see here, is we make this, the bedroom, a kitchen over here. So we’ll just get rid of this door and turn it into a wall. And here, they converted this garage. It’s not terrible. Nothing’s wrong with it. Some people like it, but it’s probably not what we get asked for the most and the most value, but it’s really easy to change this one back. We’re just going to put some doors back in. We’re going to close this back up, so the wall here is no longer open to the garage.

Remove The Waste, Add The Value
Now, when we present it to the buyers, we’ve got a three bedroom, two bath, with an office and a two car garage. Some people want to park in the garage. You want to be over in the garage or whatever you want to do, you don’t just have this space. And those are not huge expenses to put in there, but you’re going to get a lot more buyers that want that end product by making a few changes and just getting rid of some things that you’ve not really been asked for that much anyway, and presenting more of the things that you get asked for all the time.

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