How Fast Can You Sell A House In San Antonio

How Fast Can You Sell A House In San Antonio | Sell My San Antonio House
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How fast can you sell a house in San Antonio? Pretty darn fast. My personal record, two days, start to finish. Now, that’s pretty tough to do, but most of the time we can get things done in about seven days, whenever we need to. How are we able to do that? Well, to answer that question, let’s look at the things that might slow you down as you’re trying to sell your house.

First thing, clearing title. What does that mean? That basically means that the title company is going to check and make sure that one, you own the house and you can sell it, two, you own 100% of the house. Nobody else owns a portion of that house that also has to be involved in the sale. And then three, are there any judgments or liens? And that can be everything from a tax judgment, a mechanics lien, or simply just a mortgage on the property because those people have to be contacted and find out what their pay off amount is so that that gets handled at the transaction.

What’s the other part? We pay cash. There is nothing that’s faster than cash. If you’re selling your house to someone who needs to get a loan or needs to get loan approval and go through the entire loan process, it just takes time. And sometimes it takes lots of time. Since we are paying cash, as soon as we have the title back’s clear and we know that you can legally sell it to us, well, then we can close on the property. Speeds us way up. All right.

Third part. Lots of people sell their house using a real estate agent. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for the fastest way to sell a house, I would tell you that I do not believe that is it because they have certain processes that they go through whenever they’re helping you list your property for sale. They may ask you to fix a few things. They definitely going to ask you to clean some stuff up. Then they’re going to want to have some showings where people come through. If you look at the other side of that, we’re going to come, we don’t want you to fix anything or clean anything. We’re going to make you an offer for the property. And if we agree on it, then we’re going to get started and we’re going to start working towards your closing date. It’s a lot faster.

The other thing you got to remember, work with the right people. What do I mean by that? I mean, just because somebody says, Hey, we buy some houses, Hey, we’ll pay you cash. You need to ask a few more questions because if you’re in a hurry, the last thing that you want to do is get signed up with one individual who tells you that you can do these things, but they don’t really know how to get them done. Okay.

Here’s what I mean. Do they really pay cash? Or…are they actually having somebody else fund the deal for them? If they’re not really using cash, then that’s another spot where it’s going to take time. What title company do they use? If they don’t have a specific title company, they can’t get the title work done as fast as someone else can because they don’t have the relationships built in there to get their things turned around on a faster timeline. They’re not going to just jump through hoops at the title company for someone that they just met and it makes a big difference on your timeline. Ask a few questions like that. All right.

So if your goal is to figure out how fast you can sell a house, the answer, pretty darn fast, but make sure you’ve got somebody who has relationships with their title company and the attorneys that work over there so we can get the title work clear and the docs turned around super fast. They’ve got to be paying cash. It’s the only way to really get it done really fast and make sure that they have the experience and those relationships to get the deal done.

I hope this helps answer the question. How fast can I sell a house? If you like it, do us a favor, hit the like button, hit the subscribe button and we’ll see you next time. Thanks.
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