How Do Investors In San Antonio Determine Their Offer Amount?

How Do You Determine the Offer You Will Make On My House?

How do you determine the offer you will make on my house?

Hi, it’s Nick with Sell My San Antonio House, and it’s a great question.

So if you’d like us to make you an offer, or you’d like us to buy your house, but you’re thinking, “Well, how are they going to decide how much to offer me?” Real simple, and here I’ll spill all the secrets for you.

Firstly, we’ll want to talk to you just to learn a little bit about the property. What does it look like, what kind of condition is it in, big picture stuff. Then we’ll take a look at the properties that have already sold in surrounding areas, get an idea of if we had yours in tip-top condition, what could we sell it for on the market? What’s the value going to be if the property is 100% fixed up?

Once we have that, we’ll start working backward and we’ll probably want to come to see the property in most cases. So why do we want to do that? We just want to take a look, see how much are the repairs? Is there anything we’re missing? Is there something that we see that maybe you just didn’t notice yet? We’ll take all those factors into consideration, get a better idea of the neighborhood and the neighbors and what do their properties look like.

So we’re taking that number and we need to subtract out what the repairs will be. We want to look at how long is it going to take, because if it’s in really great shape and we don’t have to do a whole lot to it, obviously we can offer more money. If it’s in the worst possible shape and it’s going to need a ton of repairs and it’s going to take us a really, really long time to fix it, well then we have to take that into consideration.

Then we’re going to subtract out. We do this for a living… So we got to make a little bit of profit in there and then that number, and that’s your offer and your offers a cash offer. We don’t charge any commissions, fees, no hidden stuff in there that you wouldn’t expect.

If that number works for you, all you say is, “Yes, that sounds fair. Let’s do it.” Then we start the process of selling your house. If you want a really detailed description, feel free to go check out our website. We’ve got a whole page dedicated to how everything works. It’s just, or there’s a button up at the top of that homepage you can click on and it’ll break down how we make the offers, how the process works, and answer most of the questions that you might have. Or if you want to just give us a call, feel free to reach out to (210) 201-6644, or fill out the form on the website,
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