Do You Need To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale?

Should You Stage The House?
Should You Stage Your House?

Should you stage it? Let’s say it depends. Do we stage all of our houses? No. A lot of them we don’t. But there are a couple of times when we absolutely do stage them. One, when we have a little bit more expensive house. It’s a nice house. It’s in a very nice area. And two, where our current market is at, where interest rates have gone up, it’s slowed down a little bit. We want to give ourselves the best chance at selling the house at the best possible price. Even though everything looks great, floors look great, walls look great. You got your lighting in here. Having the dining room set, having some stuff on the wall. We do not stage these ourselves. We pay somebody, they do a much better job than we would do anyway. And then having some pieces of furniture really make it feel more like home.

I can tell you from experience, they help us sell faster and for a better price because obviously this looks much nicer. People can imagine themselves sitting on the couch. It’s a comfortable couch. People are actually sitting on the couch. Even if you don’t want to go all the way, sometimes you can stage just the downstairs or even if you come into the master bedroom, because everybody’s going to come in. See the master bedroom, great. It’s all painted. It’s fresh. It’s got new carpet in here. But just a couple of pieces on the wall, the bed, a sitting chair.

A few things to set the scene and let people kind of imagine what it’s going to be like when they live here will go a long way. Absolutely we do it on more expensive houses. And then anytime that there’s a market shift or you think it might be a little more difficult, by staging that house, you give yourself the best chance of selling it at the best possible price, which, so right now, anything that we’re even thinking, maybe we should stage it, maybe we shouldn’t. We’re definitely going to stage it because the market has slowed down a little bit and we want to give ourselves the best chance.

Just factor that in there. It may cost you $1,500, $2,000, depending on who you work with and how much you work with them. You factor that in your budget. It can go a long way in helping you sell your house faster and time is money. So right now, if you’re thinking, should I staged or not, you probably should. And especially if you meet one of those conditions of the price or a market that’s slowed down. I hope this helps. If we can do anything for you, give us a shout. 210-201-6644 or you can find us on the website,
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