Do You Buy Houses From Tired Landlords?

Do you buy houses from tired Landlords? | Sell My San Antonio House

Hi, it’s Nick with Sell My San Antonio House. Today’s question, “Do you buy houses from tired landlords?” Absolutely.

It’s actually very common that somebody has a rental property and now they’d like to sell it and they’re looking for the fastest or easiest way to sell that property. Usually, when we buy a property from a landlord, it’s one of three situations.

Don’t Like Being A Landlord

Either they acquired that property thinking they wanted to be a landlord and rent that property out, maybe they acquired it if they inherited that property and thought, “Hey, don’t know if we want to sell it, let’s try to rent it.” What happens in a lot of those situations is people find out that being a landlord isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of headaches that go along with it and they’re like, “Hey, this really isn’t for me. I’d rather just sell this property and move on.” They may want to sell it with tenants or without tenants.

Ready To Stop Being A Landlord

The second situation is when they’ve been a landlord for a long time. Lots of times a successful landlord has a rental property and they’ve had it for years and they’re like, “I’m just ready to hang it up. I don’t want to be a landlord anymore.” Lots of times it’s in between tenants. It doesn’t have to be, but the property is getting ready to turn over, needs some fixing up, and they’re just like, “I’m just ready to be done,” and they give us a call and we’ll go buy the property.

Problem Tenant

The third situation is usually a little more stressful for the landlord. They’ve got a tenant that’s become a problem tenant. They’re refusing to pay, they’re destroying the property, they’re doing other negative things at the property and they’re calling us and they’re like, “Hey, here’s my situation. Can you help me?” Yes, we can.

Do we buy property or houses from a tired landlord? Absolutely. If you think we can help you, or you’ve just got a couple of questions. Please give us a call, (210) 201-6644, or visit the website, SellMySanAntonioHouse.com. Thank you.

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