Do I Have To Evict A Tenant Before Selling My House?

If I have a tenant, Do I have to Evict them Before Selling My House? | Sell My San Antonio House

Hi, it’s Nick with Sell My San Antonio House. Today’s question was: If I have a tenant, do I have to evict them before selling my house? No, you don’t. You can sell a property with a tenant in place.

If you’ve got a tenant who’s not paying rent, if you’ve got a tenant who’s destroying the property, who’s causing other kinds of headaches and stress, you do not have to evict them or wait until the lease ends to sell the property.

Who Will Buy A House With Tenants In Place?

The problem you might run into is, the majority of people are not looking to buy a property with a tenant in place. Most people want to live there as their home, and they’re obviously not going to move in with this person.

And then, most people who are looking to buy them as an investment, if you’re looking to sell it with A tenant who’s causing a problem, they’re not typically wanting to take on that problem. But, you don’t have to continue to live with it. We Buy rental properties with a tenant in place. Give us a call (210) 201-6644. You can definitely sell it with a tenant in place.

What Happens To The Tenant?

Now, whoever buys that property, is also going to now act as the landlord and must abide by whatever existing lease that you have in place, or whatever laws that your State implies.

So, if they have a year-long lease, they’re six months through it, and now you’re selling it, or if they have a month-to-month and now you’re selling it, whoever buys it has to abide by the lease. So, they’re going to have to take certain steps and not everybody is willing to take on that risk, or take on that headache, or take on that problem.

We do buy them, so if you’re having trouble, if somebody is not paying, if you’re not sure how to go through the eviction process, if you don’t want to go through the eviction process, if you’re just tired and you’re done with it, please feel free to reach out to us, give us a call. Even if you just want to ask a question, we definitely want to try to help you. It’s Nick, (210) 201-6644.

I hope this helps to let you know that if you need to, yes, you can sell a property with a tenant in place without evicting the tenant. Hope it helps. Talk to y’all soon. Thank you.
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