How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In San Antonio

How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In San Antonio

Do you own an older or slightly run-down house in San Antonio that you no longer want to own? Just because the house needs some work or isn’t up to code, doesn’t mean that you have to feel stuck with it any longer. You can sell your house in San Antonio, and receive a great price for it! Learn how to sell your house with code violations in our latest post!

If your property is in need of major repairs, it can be difficult to know how to sell it. Your pool of potential buyers will inevitably be much smaller so finding the right buyer can take longer than a house that is move-in ready. However, just because your house needs some work that you don’t wish to do, doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice by having to hang on to that house any longer than you want to. Below are some of our best tips for selling your house with code violations in San Antonio!

Estimating Repair Costs


If your house needs a lot of work, you’ll want to do some estimates so you know what you’re working with before attempting to sell your property in San Antonio. Do you know how much it will cost to make the house livable for your potential buyers? If you don’t know these numbers, it will be hard to correctly price the house for sale or negotiate when it comes to selling your house with code violations in San Antonio. If you can’t do the estimations yourself, hire a contractor to help you determine the true cost of your code violations.

Finding The Right Buyers

Not everyone is in the market for a fixer-upper property, especially when there are major repairs required. Finding the right buyers can take some time, especially when you choose to list your property with a San Antonio real estate agent. When trying to sell a house with code violations in San Antonio, your best bet will likely be to work with a real estate investor or direct buyer.

Experienced investors are accustomed to dealing with issues such as code violations and are comfortable taking on large projects. Investors can also pay for the house with cash so that you can avoid inspections and appraisals that can get in the way of a sale.

Price The House To Sell

If you are trying to sell a house with code violations to a traditional buyer in San Antonio, it will need to be priced to sell. If the problems with the property are severe, many lenders won’t finance a loan for the property, so you may need to accept only cash offers.

Before you list the property or begin the process of selling it on your own, decided how much you would like for the house and see if an investor (Such as Sell My San Antonio House) can pay you close to that amount. Our background and experience allow up to economically fix up houses, typically at a lower price than if you were to do it on your own. This ultimately saves everyone money in the long run.

Fix The Smaller Things

Even if your house has major code violations you aren’t able to fix, taking some time to fix the smaller things can have a huge impact on a property’s perceived value. You can fix holes in the wall, chipped paint, and cracked tiles to instantly make the house look more presentable.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of fixing things that will just have to be redone when the major repairs are made. If the entire electrical system needs to be replaced, there isn’t much point in just changing the light switches.

Cleaning Can Go A Long Way


It may feel silly having the house cleaned if there are code violations throughout the home. However, doing so will make the property more appealing to your potential buyers. Being surrounded by filth can give the property a horrible first impression. Hire a professional cleaning company to make sure no spot is left unturned. It there is dirt and clutter throughout your home, it can be hard for potential buyers to overlook these things and want to make an offer on your home.

Show Off The Good

You will be surprised by what some organization and a fresh coat of paint can do for a property. Of course, you will still need to disclose everything going on with the house, but by putting your best foot forward, you can help people to see the potential in the property. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company, stager, and photographer to help make sure the property is being seen in its best light. Depending on your price point, you can also offer schematics to help your potential buyer imagine what the property could become with a little work. This will also help your buyer get a better idea of what will be required to make the home what they want it to be.

Why You Should Sell Your House Directly

Direct House Buyer In San Antonio

By keeping your house off of the MLS, you won’t have to deal with property showings, marketing, staging, or continued upkeep. You won’t have to wait around, not knowing when your house will sell or what you will be offered. You won’t have to pay agent commissions, fees, or closing costs. Our selling process is simple, helping you to sell your house fast without any further aggravation… no matter what condition the property it in! Learn more about what you can do to sell your house with code violations in San Antonio, you might be surprised at how simple selling your house can be!

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